Learning to Trust

At times, I feel I’m not good enough
Doubting myself and scared to try
Worrying just gets in the way
Unsure of tomorrow, can’t help but cry

My faith is shaking and
Giving up is all I can think of
Wanting to escape from everything
But I remember Him, I look above

Prayer is an armor, turns burdens into blessings
I know I shouldn’t question it
When troubles keep on bugging me
My faith seems to weaken, I admit

Same cycle, again and again
Asking myself, “What’s going on with me?”
I thought I knew God but not really
Please help me find my way and see

I want to trust God completely
Believe in wondrous things He can do
If I would totally give myself to Him
All things are possible, yes it’s true

I want to get out of this dilemma
Forget all the drama and move forward
I want a stable relationship with God
I will be strong, not a coward

Oh God, help me not to lose heart in troubles
Sometimes clouds have a silver lining
During difficulties I can be drawn nearer to You
I can be rest assured of a fret free living


Bakit nga ba ako nag blog? Nung una di ko talaga alam kung bakit. Nainggit lang kasi ako sa pinsan at kapatid ko. Inggitera eh! Haha! Wala akong ideya dati kung ano ang blog.

Wait! Teka lang! Bago ako magpatuloy sa aking kwento, isa munang patalastas! Haha. Kidding aside, hehe, pansin nyo naman siguro na karamihan sa mga sinulat ko ay wikang Inggles ang ginamit ko. Hep hep hep! Alam ko na iniisip nyo, may super powers kaya ako, nakakabasa ako ng mga isip! haha. Alam ko karamihan sa mga tao mapanghusga, ganyan din ako minsan haha.

Whoop! Pakinggan nyo muna rason ko.. ay este basahin pala haha. Inisip ko talaga dati kung sa anong lengguwahe ko isusulat ang lahat ng nasa isip ko dito sa aking blog. Akalain nyo yun! Nag-iisip din pala ako haha. Dalawang choices lang syempre ang pinagpilian ko, Tagalog at Inggles! Yun lang alam ko eh 🙂 Naisip ko na pag purong Tagalog lang ang isusulat ko, malamang mga kapwa ko lang Pilipino din ang makakaintindi sa akin. Ayoko ng ganun. Limited lang ang mambabasa ko.Gusto ko kasi lahat maiintindihan ang mga pinagsasasabi ko dito. Gusto ko pati mga banyaga, makaka-relate naman sa kung ano ang gusto kong ipabatid. Kaya napag desisyunan ko na Inggles ang gamitin kong lengguwahe.

Sigurado ako ngayon, “nose bleed” ang mga banyagang sumusubaybay sa aking blog pag nabasa nila  ito dahil isang umaatikabong Tagalog ang sinulat ko. Hahaha!  Hindi naman sa pagmamayabang, ahem! karamihan sa aking mga followers ay kung saan saang lupalop ng daigdig nanggaling. Mga alien! Hahaha! Nakauto ako haha. Mga ingglisero’t ingglisera, pang United Nations ata ang blog ko ahaha! Kaya kinakailangan ko talaga mag inggles para sa kanila haha. Di naman lingid sa ating kaalaman na ang Inggles ay “universal language”, kaya kahit sino o ano pa man ang lahi, nakakaintindi at nakakapagsalita nito. Mas madali kong naipaparating ang aking damdamin sa iba’t ibang sulok ng mundo na kanila namang niyayakap. Hindi porket Inggles ang ginagamit ko sa aking pagsulat ay hindi na ako maka Pilipino. Ang pagiging Pilipino ay hindi lang nababase sa pagsasalita ng wikang Tagalog kundi ito ay isinasapuso, at pinapakita sa gawa. Wala ba kayong mga kamay? Palakpakan naman dyan haha.

Ang tanging ginagawa ko lang dati sa blog ko ay mag-reblog. Reblog dito, reblog doon. Walang katapusang reblogging ng kung anu-ano haha. Tapos napaisip na naman ako. Aba! feeling ko tumatalino na ko kasi lagi ako napapaisip ahaha. Dun ako nag-umpisang magsulat online. Parang diary lang nug una tas nag-level up ako haha. Gumawa rin ako ng mga tula, as usual nainggit na naman ako sa iba haha. Inggitera ako in a good way naman, oh ha! nag justify na naman ako haha. There’s an artist in me pala, naks! di ko ini expect yun hahaha. Napatunayan ko sa sarili ko na kaya ko. Kaya ko rin pala.

Kung napapansin nyo nagdagdag ako ng tagalog sa aking topics, yung tulang tagalog at kwentong tagalog. Wala pa masyadong laman yan, pupunan ko pa lang haha. Mga bagong putahe ng aking beloved blog haha. Until next time buddies ^^, There’s more to come 🙂

A Love Letter To No One

Dear You,

Hello! We don’t know each other and never met yet. But I’m hoping and looking forward meeting you. I wonder what you are doing and thinking at this very moment. What are your hobbies? Your interests? I wanna know more about you if I would be given a chance. I want to be the one who will make you smile when you’re sad. The one who will wipe away your tears when you’re down. The one who will always  be by your side when the time gets rough. I will not get tired talking to you for hours. I will listen to all of your problems.

I will hold your hand so tight so that you’ll know how much I really care. I will hug you with all my might so that you’ll know you’re not alone. I will kiss you passionately with no reason at all so that you’ll know how much you really mean to me. I will cherish every moment. I will make you feel very special and loved in every single way. I will be your friend and companion. I will not judge you. I will not promise you everything, only I can offer my pure and sincere love just for you. There’s only be you. No one else.

You’re the song that I will be singing over and over again. The sun that brightens up my day. The reason why I’ll be waking up each day. The colours in my rainbow. I don’t know where you are right now but I’m never losing hope that someday soon we will cross paths and find each others arms. I can see myself as your wife and you as my husband. Together we’ll be as one and invincible. I’m the girl who will be your everything. And one thing is for sure, I’ll never ever gonna break your heart.

Wherever you are, will you please wait for me? I’ll be worth the wait. I wanna be with you not just in good times but through the bad and darkest hours of your life. I don’t care how many past relationships you’ve had. What’s important is I’m gonna be the last girl you will ever love through the rest of your life. You’re the one I want to grow old with. I want to spend my last years with you.



Simply -Me-

I Wonder

I wonder if you’re gazing the same sky as I do right now. I wish heaven could read what’s on my mind and whisper it in your ear. You know I’ve got this smile on my face  while typing this down, I don’t know why. I’m thinking of what you look like. Is there any chance I could ever meet you in real?  Who knows, right? If that happens, it would be great. My pleasure, too. What are you thinking of at this time? I wish the wind could bring my message to you. I would like to know more about you. I have many thoughts flowing into my mind. Do you live in the same place as I do? or you live in a far away land? Hmm. I’m anxious to know about you. Wherever you are, don’t forget to take a momentary view of the sky. I may not know and see you personally, at least I am aware that both of us share the same view.

Because Of Them

Their poems absorb me
triggering my curiosity
Am occupied with admiration
behind those
mystical words
their writings are terrific
giving impact to the readers
am amazed with their every
they turn words
into magic
I want to be as brilliant
as them
though I know I can’t be
So I’ll keep reading
their works and try
making my piece

Beauty Behind Plainness

Sitting by the shore while watching the ocean moves is somewhat a reviving feeling for me. The tides are dancing to the music of the wind. The sounds I hear enable my spirit to return to life. The breeze alleviates my fretful mind. The scent of the ocean captivates my existence. The simplicity is alluring me. I am at ease, I assume, I am really accepted by the entire world as a whole, I presume I belong. I capture every second, every breathe I take, every beautiful things I see into a very remarkable degree. The skies embrace me with passion and the current of water is showing an intense affection unto me. This gives a relaxation to my body and mind which regenerates me all over again. The tranquil atmosphere is dominating my aura in a special manner. I feel safe and sound, delightful of every moment spent at the beach, far from the city, where people are too busy working on with their lives and forgetting how to be happy in every single way of their existence. I find peace within myself.

Just by sitting on a very fine rock particles, a sandy beach, allows me to experience everything, all in one. I get pleasure without doing anything. I am blissfully happy towards things that others don’t consider as important. For me, everything is useful, everything has purpose. I am here quietly admiring the tangible/intangible things around me. Somehow, I am satisfied, even just for now, even just for a day, even just for a moment.


I know years from now, things will change again. From the way you think, from the tip of your hair, from the smell of your perfume. Everything will change. You will find new love, new environment, new friends, dream job. You will discover yourself and start realizing things on your own. All the pain, tears, and sacrifices are part of growing up. The road may not be the same anymore, but it doesn’t mean there’s no road to be taken. The choice is yours. The world will change as time passes by, and you know that. Change will always be there.