Learning to Trust

At times, I feel I’m not good enough
Doubting myself and scared to try
Worrying just gets in the way
Unsure of tomorrow, can’t help but cry

My faith is shaking and
Giving up is all I can think of
Wanting to escape from everything
But I remember Him, I look above

Prayer is an armor, turns burdens into blessings
I know I shouldn’t question it
When troubles keep on bugging me
My faith seems to weaken, I admit

Same cycle, again and again
Asking myself, “What’s going on with me?”
I thought I knew God but not really
Please help me find my way and see

I want to trust God completely
Believe in wondrous things He can do
If I would totally give myself to Him
All things are possible, yes it’s true

I want to get out of this dilemma
Forget all the drama and move forward
I want a stable relationship with God
I will be strong, not a coward

Oh God, help me not to lose heart in troubles
Sometimes clouds have a silver lining
During difficulties I can be drawn nearer to You
I can be rest assured of a fret free living


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