Beauty Behind Plainness

Sitting by the shore while watching the ocean moves is somewhat a reviving feeling for me. The tides are dancing to the music of the wind. The sounds I hear enable my spirit to return to life. The breeze alleviates my fretful mind. The scent of the ocean captivates my existence. The simplicity is alluring me. I am at ease, I assume, I am really accepted by the entire world as a whole, I presume I belong. I capture every second, every breathe I take, every beautiful things I see into a very remarkable degree. The skies embrace me with passion and the current of water is showing an intense affection unto me. This gives a relaxation to my body and mind which regenerates me all over again. The tranquil atmosphere is dominating my aura in a special manner. I feel safe and sound, delightful of every moment spent at the beach, far from the city, where people are too busy working on with their lives and forgetting how to be happy in every single way of their existence. I find peace within myself.

Just by sitting on a very fine rock particles, a sandy beach, allows me to experience everything, all in one. I get pleasure without doing anything. I am blissfully happy towards things that others don’t consider as important. For me, everything is useful, everything has purpose. I am here quietly admiring the tangible/intangible things around me. Somehow, I am satisfied, even just for now, even just for a day, even just for a moment.


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