Last night I dreamt about a man
A virile figure visible to me
Standing beneath the surface of the sun
A lanky mysterious man I see.

I didn’t recognize his face
The appearance is obscure
Perceiving a shadow I want to chase
Anxious to know behind such figure.

The glimpse of him is alluring
I try to reach him but to no avail
To catch sight of him is tempting
My nervous heart is frail.

I woke up and wonder
Who that man might be
An unfamiliar face, a stranger
In my dream staring at me.


One thought on “Reverie

  1. Hmmmm. Dreams. Real life, or a dream? Perhaps a man from your past? A past life?
    I think about this, often. How many times have you met someone with the idea of “I know this person”…. But you do not. Almost, a trick!
    There is something calming about seeing a stranger in my dreams. Especially, if my soul felt calm and relaxed….trusting of the hottie. 😉

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