I am a Teardrop

I am the teardrop
you relinquish
from your eyes.
constantly gushing
like a cascade
going down on your face;
fostered by the
solid surface
of the earth.
I am slowly vanishing
with no trace at all.


2 thoughts on “I am a Teardrop

  1. I am Yahweh your God
    I have counted your tears
    on the center of a scale
    and measured momentum arms
    as the fulcrum
    this is a pivotal moment
    and each tear you ever shed
    shall become an arrow in a quiver
    with me is Vishnu Demon Slayer
    with me is Michael Crusher of Armies
    with me is Archangel Gabriel Destroyer
    Every tear you ever shed
    shall be avenged
    on Judgement Day
    and you shall find Masaya
    Masaya means Happiness
    being a Tagalog word
    If you weep, you shall laugh
    sorrows turned to joy
    cruel men cut in half
    Their blood makes the grass grow

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