People are so Mean

Whatever I do I just can’t please everyone. People have always something to say against me. They’re getting into my nerves a lot. I wish I have super powers so I can easily get rid out of them, one by one. LOL. Just kidding. They can’t see anyone but me, the hell. Oh, I’ve been getting too much attention coming from them. Haha. I don’t know what they’re up to. Even if I don’t do a thing, still their filthy minds and wicked words will never prevent them from ruining me.

These people have nothing to do with their own lives, that’s why they keep messing on others. Finding faults to cast off towards someone. It’s so easy for them to see the dirt on someone else’s faces not realizing that they too have their own dirt. Hypocrites.

I’m happy to be me. I don’t need to change a thing for people to like  me. I have my  own identity. What they see is what they get. But thanks to them cause they made me realize many things. I learned how to improve myself better and appreciate things the way it used to be. I learned to accept criticisms completely. Cause of that I became a more mature person.

In every negative things, there’s always a positive side of it.


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