Wind is blowing quick. I feel the chills running through my veins. Creeping into my soul. Lingering into every piece of me. Consciously beyond state of mind. A sudden sorrow that hits like a bullet. My breathing seem to weaken. Recalling to the point where I should have done better. But, there’s no turning back. The damage has been made. The days go beyond time. The sky appears to be vague. The consequences of yesterday keeps on haunting. A let-down I need to endure.

My mind is pre-occupied with thoughts. A past will still be a past. I can’t bring back yesterday. What I hate is I never tried to do anything. It was within my reach but I just let it slipped away. Afraid of taking chances. I’m such a coward. However, I realize, being sorrowful regarding it will not bring anything good to me. There’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t wanna waste time and I wanna move forward to begin a new fresh start.


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