I am fond of dreaming. Fantasizing things on my own. Ever since I was a child, I used to daydream numerous things. I can easily picture things out of my mind. Forming a story where I can control everything. I can go wherever I want to be. Go into places I’ve never been. Different places I’ll be able to see. In my world, everything’s possible. There’s no dull moments, only happy hours. Whenever I feel alone and lonely, I just close my eyes and dream. I can go to my place of perfection and stay there for a while. This is where I find my sanctuary.

Everything seems perfect. Extraordinary. I want to stay like this forever where everything is fine. No worries at all. But then again, I need to go back to reality. Open my eyes once again and face the real world that awaits me. The journey that I will be taking is just the beginning. The roads may seem to narrow every time I make a move. The sky will turn into darkness at times where I can’t see anything. Everyday is a struggle and a challenge to conquer. I know it will be tough but it’s worth living.


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