Pursuit of Dreams

Time is continuously departing from me and I’m always chasing after it. I keep on chasing.. and chasing.. and chasing.. but it repeatedly slipped away. Am I just wasting my time? Maybe I  am, but I don’t wanna stop trying even if the possibility is out of my reach. I don’t wanna give up, I don’t wanna surrender all my hopes and dreams. Others would say, “You’re hoping for something that is not even there, and is not capable of existing. You’re hoping for the impossible to happen”. Maybe, they are right.  They have a point on that, but I still wanna expect. I don’t wanna quit. Sometimes the impossible turns out to be possible, so I will pursue everything and will never stop running after it. It’s a long run and I may get exhausted, extreme weariness will overspread in my body, all of these I will endure and just get going. Taking some risk isn’t that bad at all. Maybe this risk can lead to happiness.


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