Don’t Know Why

Why do I always get hurt? Why do I let others hurt my feelings? Why do I still trust on people who aren’t worthy of my trust? Why do I easily fall on their tricks? Why do people take advantage of me? Why do they abuse my kindness? Why do they mistreat my innocence?

I am making a strenuous effort to be good to everybody. All I ever wanted is a pleasant  relationship among each person around me, but I guess, a lot of them didn’t see it. A lot of them are taking me for granted. The moment I get so close to them is the moment they’ll let go of me. I am fill with dismay. Is it by chance or is it their mere choice?

I can’t make people stay by my side. They will come and then go, walk away and disappear from my sight. They leave me  hanging when I needed them the most. I can’t do nothing but to accept the fact that they are gone and never coming back. Maybe, that’s how reality works, getting too much attached to people and abruptly letting go of them.


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