Moment of Truth

I close my eyes and the moment I opened it, everything around me has changed. It’s only quite a while, but it feels like a million years already. The world I used to know has transformed in an instant. I can’t get over to the sudden change of my universe. I will still experience this hangover for quite some time now. It happened so fast that I don’t even notice it.The people I once knew become totally strangers to me. The surroundings I spent half of my life with is no longer existing. I am currently living in a different world. 

Just a blink of an eye and everything’s gone; only a matter of time before you snap and the things were not the same anymore. I don’t know how to cope by this time, though I am determined to make an effort coping with the situation. I can’t help myself but to look back from yesterday. If I did enough before, things would be different and I can easily embrace the changes that took place. Brooding over the past is no use right now. It only complicates the complicated. But somehow, at some point, at the back of my mind, there’s a part that says, “I wish I should have done better”.

Now, I am more enthusiastic than before. This is only the beginning and the beginning is always the hardest. I will go back to the basics, go into the process, learn, follow, and eventually prosper.


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