Waiting in Vain

Standing in the midst of nowhere where time is drifting away so quickly. The leaves are slowly withering, separating from its branches. The music is no longer playing. Everything is fading. All the things around me are changing but, here I am, still waiting. It took me days, weeks, months, and years waiting for nothing. Yes, I am hoping for something that is impossible to happen. I don’t know why I keep on waiting for this long. Long enough to forget all my feelings, my frustrations, my disappointments. I’m hoping for that 1% chance. The percentage is too small, there’s no assurance but, I will still be holding on to that 1% chance no matter how uncertain it is. I don’t know what benefits I  could gain from it though I am not asking anything in return. Nobody dictates me to do this, it’s my own free will. Sometimes, I get tired of waiting but, I still manage to continue.

Waiting is not that easy. It’s so hard to wait for something you’re not sure of. I need to face the consequences that lies ahead. It’s my choice in the first place. I choose to wait. I need to accept the results, whether it is good or bad. 


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