Just Writing

I am not good in writing but I sure know how to write down my feelings and thoughts. Whatever my heart desires to say, I’ll try to put it in writing even if it’s not that perfect. I know I am not good as others and I don’t have the right to compete with them, ‘cause they’re really much above the average compare to me. I actually admire them with all my heart.

I don’t know if I use the right grammars, nouns, adjectives, prepositions or whatsoever, what’s important is I am able to speak my mind and I am free to tell what I feel. I cannot write a novel, short story, a perfect poem or even publish a book, that is way too much for me. I can only write a simple one, like some personal stuffs and by the act of observing, I am able to compose a written message. When I am sad, happy, empty, inspired, and the like, I find writing it as  my state of releasing what’s within me.

It doesn’t really matter how good or not we are when it comes to writing for as long as we can write, that’s it! It may be personal, memorable happenings in life, embarrassing moments, etc. etc. I’m thinking, as if I’m just writing a letter, so that it would be easy for me and then everything goes with the flow.


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