I love the aromatic scent of coffee in the morning. Taking a sip of it soothes my body. The cool light gentle wind embraces every piece of me. My mind wander aimlessly, quite lost in space. My eyes look from a great distance and see the condition of being real. Something comprehended as I sit on this chair in an open area. I close my eyes, pause for a moment, and take a deep long breathe. The sun is above the horizon kindly greets me of a wonderful morning.

I can hear the birds singing, I know, they too, are well pleased to start the day. Everyday is a gift not to be wasted. How lucky I am being able to wake up each day and witness the daylight. Others don’t get the chance of having the glimpse of it. Thanking every little thing makes a difference. There are times when I complain a lot about everything and it came to my realization that I am well blessed than others.

I have a complete family, a comfortable house to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear,  I am not suffering from any sickness or pain, etc. I get to have a wide view in all aspects. Every little thing counts. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude of what I have right now. It may be far from perfect but it’s worth living.


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