This is Life

How many mountains do I have to climb?
How many obstacles do I have  to pass?
How many hardships do I have to endure?
No one knows. As long as I live and as long as being a mortal, I will have to experience all these. I have no choice but to deal with it. It’s impossible to be perfect in an imperfect world.

When I learn to fly, my wings was damaged severely.
When I step forward, it’s the start of my downfall.
When I believe in myself, someone’s pulling me down.
When I tried my best, still it was not good enough.

Mistakes teach us valuable lesson. Failures teach us to be brave. Rejections teach us to try and try again. It simply reminds us that no matter how cruel the world we are in, never lose hope.

Every life is important.
Every life is precious.
Every life is never easy.
Every life is challenging.
Every life has its own purpose.
As long as the heart never stops beating, there’s always a chance.

A chance to live.
A chance to be happy.
A chance to love and be loved.
A chance to prosper.
A chance for everything.

Achieving a goal requires much effort, takes time, but after this, the results are prolific. Always believe that you can because nothing is impossible for those who dream. Learn to accept mistakes. Learn to accept defeat. Sometimes, we must get hurt in order to grow.

This is life. Sometimes tricky, sometimes painful, sometimes full of drama. This makes life more interesting. This is life.


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