On the Lighter Side

I’m hopeless but hoping. I stay positive even when it feels like my life is falling apart. Someday soon, I’m on my way to brighter days. I am aware that life can never promise me to be happy in all cases, but I know it gets better after I accept things I cannot change. Things happen with valid reasons. I welcome bullshits once i a while, because of this I learn to be strong. Happiness can’t be found at the end of the road. It is experienced along the way. Even if my days have been hell at times, I still find a reason to smile. Every fuckin’ tear that falls from my eye, comes a new spark of happiness that is even greater than every suckin’ pain I felt. Cry for a while but not for a long time, take goodbyes but keep moving on.. that’s life, sometimes “huhuhu” but life has countless reason to “hahaha”.. 


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