A Momentary View

I look at those kids, they are enjoying themselves and are happy. The smiles on their faces are genuine, they have unique laughter. They don’t worry for tomorrow, what matters is today. They are having fun in whatever they do, every single minute counts. They believe in everything and they know how to trust completely. They see the beauty in every simple things and they wholeheartedly appreciate it. If they want something, they’ll do everything just to get it. They don’t easily surrender. They give their very best at all times. They are not afraid to fail, they are not afraid to try, they are not afraid of making mistakes. 

Having my eyes laid on them is somewhat invigorating. I find myself smiling, bringing me to the time when I was the same age as them. It’s so nice to go back in that moment.. that particular moment when innocence embraces me tight and when life is still free from stress.


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